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Icon Controls System

Through information, a company measures and improves, observes and prevents, and explores and optimizes. This is the essential thinking behind MMC's development of ICON, the PC-based Intelligent Console designed to increase throughput and optimize uptime.

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Data-driven intelligence increasing your performance

Building excellent packaging machines is a fundamental in today’s market. Going beyond, MMC believes the key to improving machinery and business is through quality information. Through valuable data gathered by our innovative Intelligent Console, or ICON Controls System, you’re able to increase productivity and efficiency while minimizing downtime and avoiding issues before they become problems.

How ICON works to help ensure a better business

Through the ICON dashboard, technicians and engineers, on-site or elsewhere, see key information clearly displayed and can access every function required to configure, run, optimize, and troubleshoot production equipment. Each operation or action is logged into the system without fail, ensuring reports can be generated and learning made easier. Alarms are centralized and root causes leading to downtime are stored.


Complete, real-time, operational awareness

Changeover is rendered lightning fast by storing recipes in a central location where they can be removed, added, or modified to improve efficiency. To avoid unproductive down time, the ICON offers full remote access to parameters and log files, as well as a two-way Internet audio capability, allowing support staff to guide technicians every step of the way should there be an issue.

A future-minded system for forward-thinking businesses

The ICON system can upload content for training new staff or for reminding and guiding staff on certain procedures. Videos, step-by-step instructions and check-lists can all be stored, ensuring technicians always have the latest information available. User access can easily be added and removed, and specific credentials can be assigned for security and performance tracking.

With ICON, MMC gives you more power to control and monitor system machines that are the best in their respective categories.


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