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We’re famous for our cap lining machines and systems. Our six state-of-the-art models are the result of 30 years of perfecting their design and development.
MMC offers a series of solid alternatives for creating Tamper-Evident closures. Cap slitting machines and band-inverting machines designed to meet your specific production rate requirements.
Engineered for cost-effective efficiency, our cap assembly machines can assemble multi-piece closures at high rates.
Our direct application sealing machines apply the same principle as our proven lining machines for liner feeding and web processing. The direct application sealing machine also adds a sealing function once the film comes into contact with the landing surface of the plastic component.
Roll-on Ball Sphere Welding Machine

Since 2008, our team has developed expertise in roll-on ball sphere welding systems mainly used for deodorant packaging.
MMC designs and manufactures cap closing machines to repeat intricate closing functions with high-efficiency for a large variety of caps, and at rates of up to 350 caps/minute*.
Our leading-edge, user-friendly MMC Vision system is designed to capture defects before they ever reach your customers. We’re the only manufacturer in the sector with on-staff vision specialists and software engineers.
MMC can develop systems for after-molding functions specific to your unique operation. Developing designs for sphere-welding, induction sealing and multi-operation turnkey solutions are just a few examples of custom projects to date.
A cost-efficient system that can perform various functions in one compact design, the MPF can be adapted for managing several post-molding operations.
MMC developed the Intelligent Console (ICON) to increase throughput and maximize equipment uptime. Its data gathering capabilities allow for at-distance, real-time efficiency monitoring of any system to ensure optimized performance.
MMC’s wide range of peripherals is designed to seamlessly integrate with your turnkey solution, ensuring a problem-free system and minimized downtime.

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