The CRC Trifecta: Lining, Assembly & Inspection
The CRC Trifecta: Lining, Assembly & Inspection
Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Check out the 3-in-1 high-capacity lining & assembly machine for child resistant closures

Child resistant closures (CRC) come in a large variety of designs, materials and colors, but they almost all require post-molding automation: namely lining, assembly, and of course quality inspection.


The singularities of each part’s design combined with your specific production requirements (such as annual volumes) and constraints (such as available square footage) renders each CRC molding and automation line unique. At MMC, we partner with you to fully understand your project scope and offer you a tailored solution for your needs.


In this 3-in-1 project, lining, assembly and vision inspection processes were integrated to optimize efficiency, reduce scrap costs and ensure parts comply with quality specifications.


[Scroll down to see it in action!]


First, our LM-270 machine lines the inner cap. The lined inner cap is then transferred to our CMAM assembly machine that attaches it to the outer cap and a tamper-evident ring, hence forming the 3-piece CRC. Two vision systems are also included to monitor the parts for quality at different stages in the automation: after lining and after assembly.


Rate: high-capacity output of up to 600 parts per minute
Ease: 3 distinct processes in 1 turnkey solution
Precision: 2 built-in vision systems
Singularity: Tailor-made to meet a client’s unique needs and challenges.

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