Spout Cap Assembly Solutions
Spout Cap Assembly Solutions
Monday, December 13th, 2021

Meet our continuous motion assembly machines for spout caps


Looking for a multi-piece cap handling and assembly solution? With years of experience in supplying automation equipment for child resistant closures, sports caps, hinged dispensing closures, and other custom applications, MMC has the post-molding automation solution that you need!


Get to know our continuous motion assembly machine for spout caps; one of the many custom equipment we’ve developed.


[See the video below]


This machine features 12 mandrels with assembly magnetic clutch technology and added torque application capabilities. It can run up to 300 parts per minute. Process inspection is embedded through an assembly height detection that accurately checks for proper assembly.   In addition, it can handle two different base-cap sizes to one tip geometry so our tooling interchangeability is designed to seamlessly accommodate both variations of a closure.


The advantages:


  • Rate: up to 300 parts per minute
  • Versatility: customizable to accommodate a variety of cap sizes and geometries.
  • Configurability: compatible with a variety of peripherals, to streamline and optimize your entire process.


Do you have a complex or unusual part that requires efficient and reliable assembly automation? Put our engineers to the test! Our expert team will work closely with you to ensure that your system is ideally suited and customized to your operational needs.


Are you developing a completely new closure? We offer research and development services! Contact an expert to get started.


Between our vast array of existing machines and our custom automation solutions, we have what you need to help your business run smarter.


Any specific requirements you may have, please reach us at info@mmcpackaging.com.


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