The Power of Two
The Power of Two
Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Roll-Fed or Pre-Cut liner insertion? Why not both!


Are you looking to transition your cap lining process from pre-cut wads insertion to roll-fed cutting & insertion technology?

Do you wish that you could seamlessly switch back and forth between these two insertion methods as you adjust your production to market demand?


Changing technologies can be a cumbersome and inefficient process, especially where material inventory is concerned. In response to this, MMC has developed a Hybrid Lining Machine that can tackle both pre-cut wads or discs insertion and roll-stock liner cutting and insertion on a single user-friendly platform.


This unique design offers cap manufacturers the benefit of processing all their material inventory as they transition from one lining method to another.  Alternatively, cap manufacturers can continue to switch back and forth between the two methods whenever it is convenient for them and to suit their production needs.


The advantages:


–  Cost & waste reduction: minimize waste by using all your material backstock.

–  Pick & choose: ability to alternate between liner types (wads or roll-stock) in a cost-efficient manner

–  Never compromise on space: the hybrid machine has the same footprint as the MMC standard lining machine model LM-270.

–  Easy & quick changeover: to switch between lining methods, you only have to change some components of the tooling. All the cap-handling and peripherals require no adjustments for a same closure.

–  Optimize return on investment: flexibility to offer both lining options depending on the applications and the markets you serve.



Enjoy the cost and time efficiency that comes with this versatile lining solution.
Adaptability is always the smart move, and we’re here to help your business run smarter.


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