Double-Duty Lining
Double-Duty Lining
Monday, November 22nd, 2021

MMC’s high capacity lining/wadding machine with rotary die cutting technology


Is your business looking to produce lined closures in high volumes to sustain increasing demands? Do you have limited floor space and look for an equipment to handle various closure sizes and multiple lining materials?


Our high-capacity lining machine may be the exact solution you need!

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Our newly released video shows our lining machine model LM-4 with capacity up to 1,200ppm (or 72,000pph) combined with the free-standing rotary die module. Adaptable to multiple liner structures and particularly efficient with induction heat seals, our rotary die cutting technology scores the roll-fed liner in a predefined shape, hence forming a liner web of pre-cut seals that remain attached through very fine retaining posts. The pre-cut web then automatically advances into the insertion station in the lining machine where each pre-cut liner is precisely centered with respect to the cap position. The insertion tool is then activated to break the retaining posts of the web and accurately place the liner into the closures.


Given the high speed at which this equipment functions and the rate at which finished product boxes are filled, a compact over-under box shifter is proposed. This configuration allows several boxes to queue prior to filling, hence minimizing operator’s intervention. It also discharges the filled boxes at an ergonomic height for the operator to pick-up.


The LM-4 lining machine model runs on MMC’s proprietary ICON controls technology, our PC-based platform designed to increase throughput and optimize uptime.


The advantages of the LM-4 lining machine with rotary die cutting technology:


  • Speed: up to 1 200 parts per minute or 72 000 parts per hour


  • Versatility: can be used for various cap diameters and can handle multiple types of liner material


  • Noise reduction: rotary die technology substantially reduces noise level and machine vibration.


  • Ease of transition: easy and quick component changeovers resulting in improved uptime and significantly lighter than the traditional die set changeover.


  • Advanced capability: registration mark with servo-driven rotary-die


The High-Capacity Lining Machine with rotary die liner cutting technology combines time and space efficiency as seamlessly as it combines its cutting and insertion functions.


Between our vast array of existing machines and our custom packaging solutions, we have what you need to help your business run smarter.


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