MMC enters Beverage Closures market with its High-Speed Slitting and Band Folding machine
MMC enters Beverage Closures market with its High-Speed Slitting and Band Folding machine
viernes 29 de
de 2017


MMC Packaging announces the debut of its High-Speed Slitter & Band Folder (HSSBF), introducing several innovative features at once in a single machine. Highly praised since its first presentation at K 2016, the HSSBF is a key strategic initiative of MMC supported by unparalleled on-call and on-site customer service.


The Technology

Slitting and inverting of tamper-evident bands on closures is an attractive alternative to forming the bridges in the molding tool, both from a cost and reliability perspective. The machine’s design has been optimised in terms of resilience to vibrations and of durability to maintain a high production cadence. The HSSBF makes it possible to achieve higher quality product delivery by combining end-to-end tracking capabilities with three new quality control systems: an upstream high-voltage spark testing system capable of detecting molding defects, and a dual downstream vision system devoted to multiple inner and outer inspection tests. Defective closures are algorithmically tagged along the process for operational and analytics purposes, and eliminated at the rejection station.


Your benefits

  • A turnkey integrated equipment comprising of a parts cooling and orienting feed system, a slitting and band folding system for tamper evident bands, a tripartite inspection module, and a boxing system;
  • New PC-based automation technology with advanced controls and features, running at rates up to 2,400 parts per minute for closures with an outer diameter of up to 28mm;
  • MMC-patented spark inspection system;
  • MMC proprietary vision inspection systems that include advanced thread inspection and cavity recognition algorithms;
  • New MMC proprietary ICON software that displays overall equipment performance, production data, and inspection details, hence optimizing uptime – ICON functionalities also include user management, recipe management, maintenance scheduler, and reporting capabilities;
  • Ergonomic and intuitive graphical user interface displayed on a 19″ monitor with touch-screen technology;
  • Data that allows for efficient assistance and targeted remote interventions.


Our expertise

  • A one-stop-shop for post-molding automation solution including peripherals and vision inspection systems;
  • A dedicated after-sale service team with in-house manufacturing facility, and a local network of suppliers for a quick turnaround time of tooling and spare parts;
  • An extended team of mechanical, electrical, and vision technicians for timely remote technical assistance and on-site interventions;
  • An established presence in North-America with a global reach, with resources at all levels fluent in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and in several other languages.



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