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MMC supplies complete turnkey equipment and we design, manufacture, assemble and integrate all auxiliary peripherals so that our customers can avoid having unnecessary electrical or mechanical complications with their system.

  • Automatic Splicer
  • RDM
  • Cap Sorter 
  • Auxiliary Peripherals

Maximize production time!

The MMC automatic splicer is a small footprint system that automatically cuts the lining material and splices the end of the working roll to the beginning of the next roll within seconds without having to stop your lining machine.


  1. Up to 4 meters of lining material saved per roll*
  2. 12% increase in production uptime*
  3. Elimination of task of threading new roll through the lining machines
  4. Stand-alone electrical controls for easy integration

*approximate figures depending on product being used

>>View our YouTube video here:


RDM: Rotary Die Module

MMC has introduced a superior lining (wadding) material cutting technology for cap lining machines – the MMC-RDM. This new RDM employs a new cutting methodology, thereby replacing the traditional punch and die arrangement.

The RDM can be coupled with new MMC Cap Lining Equipment or installed as an upgrade to any existing MMC Cap Lining Machine.

Machine Capacity
#across 2-across 3-across 4-across 5-across 6-across
Cap Size 120 mm 70 mm 53 mm 38 mm 28 mm


How will the RDM improve your Lining Equipment? 

  • Dramatic reduction of dust generated by the material cutting operation
  • Reduced contamination risk as cutting is performed away from the cap
  • Substantial reduction of noise level and vibration
  • Increased liner insertion accuracy
  • Rapid changeovers
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance
  • Reduced inventory of tooling spare parts

» view brochure (pdf)


Cap Sorter

MMC offers several cap sorter models. Our cap sorters and accumulation turntables feed and orient a wide variety of caps at high output with or without the use of compressed air.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will gladly guide you in finding the best choice to suit your needs.

Auxiliary Peripherals
  • Pre-feeder: bulk accumulator to receive caps from boxes or the moulding press
  • Rotary accumulation turntable: gathers closures and divides caps into multiple lanes
  • Infeed conveyor: delivers caps to the machine in multiple lanes
  • Discharge system: counts caps and dispenses into cartons or bags; can also be supplied with box shifting devices or a simple two-position switch gate
  • Roll stock unwinder: unwinds lining material rolls into lining machine
  • PLC (programmable logic control): electrically controls the entire system
  • Inspection & Rejection devices: automatically detects and rejects defective parts

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