MMC Packaging


Cap Slitting / Band Folding Machine

MMC has been supplying cap slitters and TE band inverting machine systems to the closure industry for many years and has advanced the field through innovative machine design. Our line of quality machinery offers a proficient alternative to in-mould mechanisms for the manufacture of Tamper Evident Closures.

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Rotary Cap Slitting machines score the side wall of your plastic closure with arched slitting blade. The slitting blade has intermittent interruptions that will leave a predetermined amount of bridges to hold the Tamper Evident Band to the closure. When the closure is removed from the container for the first time, the bridges break, leaving the band on the neck of the container and demonstrating visual point of purchase tamper evidence to the consumer.

HRCS - Horizontal Slitter

MMC offers several sizes and styles of continuous motion rotary slitting machines to meet your specific production rate requirements. Our machines can process closure sizes ranging from 18mm to 89 mm at rates of up to 1,200 parts per minute. Our newest design is the HRCS Horizontal Rotary Cap Slitter.

HRCS - Horizontal Slitter specifications:

  • Automatic slitting machine
  • Maximum system output: up to 1,200 caps/minute (28mm)
  • Maximum cap size: up to 43mm
CMBF - Band Inverter

MMC has launched the CMBF product series to streamline the Tamper Evident Band folding and Band inverting operation. Our unit is a fully automatic multiple head continuous motion machine which is able to fold in the Tamper Evident Band retaining feature allowing the container neck to grip this feature.

CMBF – Band Inverter specifications:

  • Automatic TE band folding/inverting machine
  • Maximum system output: up to 1,200 caps/minute (28mm)
  • Maximum cap size: up to 63mm


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